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Radio Kansas Reception Issues

From the Director of Engineering...

The Terk FM Edge antenna is 7.5" tall
We occasionally talk with listeners who have trouble with their radio reception. This may be caused by living in a valley, or too near large buildings, or perhaps having an office in a basement.

Because of listeners problems, I decided to do some research on what could be done to increase signal strength for those people with similar problems. There are not many companies offering FM antennas. The Terk company manufactures several antenna styles and we tried some of them.

Of these antennas, we recommend the Terk FM Edge antenna. With a compact, high-tech design that includes a built-in amplifier and noise filters, it can be adjusted to optimize reception of both strong and weak stations. Standing up, the antenna is omni-directional. On its side, the antenna becomes directional enabling the user to zero in on best reception.

To get this antenna, we would suggest going to amazon.com and doing a search for Terk Edge Antenna. That should bring up a variety of vendors and prices.

How can I tell if my radio can use an external antenna?

The Terk Edge antenna will work if your radio provides a 300 ohm screw-type antenna connection or a 75 ohm cable TV-type connector. Standard "receivers" usually provide both types and we've found that the Bose radio uses the 75 ohm connector.

Radios with telescopic "rabbit ears" antennas don't usually provide external antenna connections. But one listener told us that he successfully connected an external antenna to his the rabbit ears antenna. Your luck on this may vary.

If you have questions, please email Ric Jung, Director of Engineering.