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Charitable Gift Annuity
Example #1
John Williams is a retired farmer, who is 80 years old. He is unmarried. He set up a Radio Kansas Gift Annuity with a $100,000 cash gift. He is in the 33% tax bracket.

With Mr. William's age and life expectancy in mind, the standard rate determined by the American Council on Gift Annuities would give him an 8% return each year for the rest of his life.

He will be able to claim a current tax deduction of $49,985 which may result in a $16,495 tax savings for the current year.

He will receive an annual payment of $8,000 for the rest of his life. Of that payment, $5,560 will be tax free for the first 10 years.

On average, Mr. Williams would be expected to receive a total of $81,600, for an effective payout of 12.9%, while Radio Kansas is expected to retain the full value of the initial gift of $100,000.

Radio Kansas will be glad to prepare a more detailed custom
estimate of a Gift Annuity for you. All information submitted
will be treated as confidential.

Request custom estimate

  All of these figures are estimates, offered here strictly as an example. Radio Kansas cannot offer tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax advisor for final figures in your specific situation.  

For more information, contact Andrea Springer at 1-800-723-4657
or aspringer@radiokansas.net.

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