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 Of the many methods that allow a donor to make a substantial contribution to Radio Kansas, and to receive income for life because of that donation, the Charitable Gift Annuity is the most common and the simplest. Unlike Trusts, which require legal action to create, the Charitable Gift Annuity is simply a contract between the donor and Radio Kansas. The contract is executed through the Hutchinson Community Foundation, where the Radio Kansas Endowment is housed. The donor has two choices in the type of gift.

   Gift of Cash
Cash donations, at a minimum of $10,000, create a cash gift annuity that pays the donor each year for the remainder of the donor's life. The donor must be at least 60 years of age. The rate of return is determined by several factors including tax bracket, capital gains bracket (if applicable) and age, according to guidelines set down by the American Council on Gift Annuities. Since Radio Kansas retains the principal, the rate of return tends to be much higher than is available in other types of investments. This process is irrevocable. Here are examples of possible return rates and tax savings. Click the following links to see examples of gift annuities.
   Gift of Appreciated Property
The second way to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity is through the gift of appreciated property. This can be real estate, stocks and bonds, art works, or other valuables. In this method the donor must have the item appraised before donating it to Radio Kansas (except for stocks and bonds.) The donor's tax consideration is based on this appraisal. In a typical case, Radio Kansas will issue a receipt for 20% of the value of the property as an outright gift. This, of course, can be reported immediately as a deduction. The annuity is then written for 80% of the appraisal value. This gives Radio Kansas some cushion to cover the cost of selling the property and to allow for variations between the appraisal and actual sale of the property. Radio Kansas will generally sell the property immediately upon its receipt. Click the following links to see examples of gift annuities.
  The attraction of the Charitable Gift Annuity is that it allows the donor to make a substantial gift to Radio Kansas, and at the same time, save a great deal on taxes. All of the types above result a sizeable current tax deduction. In the case of a donated item, the donor will also avoid some capital gains. Finally, the donor will also receive funds for life from the annuity, a good part of which are received tax-free.

There are many other models of Charitable Gift Annuities that can be developed, including deferred ones that don't start immediately, but result in an even higher return rate. Donors can also specify that the income go to someone else other than themselves. Radio Kansas will be glad to work with you to look at these other variations.

For a Charitable Gift Annuity estimate based on your personal information, please follow the link below or call Andrea Springer at 1-800-723-4657. Radio Kansas does not, under any circumstances, release this information to anyone.


For more information, contact Andrea Springer at 1-800-723-4657
or aspringer@radiokansas.net.

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