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A trust is a separate legal entity set up by the donor. Trusts can be managed by the donor, a bank trust department or other methods. While Radio Kansas is able to provide some sample information about trusts and expected tax implications, the donor will need to work with an attorney to set up the trust. The trust offers significant tax relief, on-going income and a generous gift to Radio Kansas. Annual transfers such as this are best directed to Radio Kansas, a broadcast service of Hutchinson Community College, and deposited with the network's fund at the Hutchinson Community College Endowment Association, federal tax ID number 48-0688389.

    Charitable Remainder Unitrust
This trust provides a fluctuating annual payment to the donor based on a set percentage of return on the value of the trust each year. The percentage must be at least 5% of the original gift. The percentage is agreed upon at the beginning of the trust and is based on age, income and other tax considerations. The payments continue for the rest of the donor's lifetime. The balance of the trust then comes to Radio Kansas. The donor may continue to add to this type of trust as he wishes. The trust can be funded with cash, or appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. The trust would normally sell those items once received, but that would be up to the manager of the trust. By donating appreciated items to the trust, the donor will avoid capital gains and receive a partial deduction at the time of transfer.

   Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
This trust works very much like the Charitable Remainder Unitrust above, with two significant differences. First, instead of a percentage payment each year, the donor receives a fixed dollar amount that will not change over the lifetime of the trust. Again, this amount must be based on at least 5% of the initial gift. Payment is determined by age and income. Secondly, no further contributions can be made to this trust by the donor.

   Charitable Lead Trust
This variation works very much like the Charitable Remainder Unitrust above but with the donor and Radio Kansas essentially changing roles. The income stream created by the trust goes to Radio Kansas for the lifetime of the donor. Then the remaining value of the trust goes elsewhere, as designated by the donor when the trust is set up. A common model would be to give the income stream to Radio Kansas for the lifetime of the donor, but then have the remainder go to family or even another charity at the end of the trust. Each of these trusts has its own complications and ramifications. It is necessary to work with your tax advisor and attorney when setting them up. There are many, many other variations on these trusts. Radio Kansas is very willing to work with donors to try and accommodate other variants as desired by the donor.


For more information, contact Andrea Springer at 1-800-723-4657
or aspringer@radiokansas.net.

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