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Date: April 1, 2015, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Venue: McCain Auditorium - Kansas State University
Sponsor: Kansas State University

The Event:

Members of DIAVOLO are dancers, gymnasts, actors, athletes and above all: teammates. Under the guidance of Artistic Director Jacques Heim, they collaboratively develop work on oversized surrealistic sets and everyday structures. Heim's childhood struggles and his journeys as a French-Jewish man have shaped his thematic choices within the urban landscapes. Themes of isolation, fear, destiny, survival, faith, modernization, destination and danger help to illustrate the effect of our surroundings on our daily lives. The structural elements and surrealistic set pieces of DIAVOLO create a sense of daring through dramatic movement that juxtaposes human fragility and survival. By working together with the elements of danger created by architectural environments, DIAVOLO expresses the challenges of relationships, the absurdities of life and the struggle to maintain our humanity in the shadow of an increasingly technological world. Repertoire: Trajectoire: Set on an abstract 21stcentury Galleon, the group is set adrift, sink or swim, upon the ever-shifting landscape of human relations in modern society. A visceral and emotional journey, "Trajectoire" examines tremendous loss and abandonment. At journey's end, the piece shows the transcendence of the human soul against all odds. Transit Space: "Transit Space" explores feeling lost, finding a sense of purpose and coming together with others. Influenced by the documentary film, "Dogtown and Z-Boys," the piece uses skateboard ramps as set pieces to create an urban environment with constantly shifting emotional and physical spaces. Season tickets on sale June 9. Single tickets on sale July 27.
For more information contact 785-532-6428, www.k-state.edu/mccain
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